Women in Property Real Estate

Women in Property Real Estate

Women in marriages or defacto relationships

Failing to discuss financial issues throughout the relationship can jeopardise your security individually and as a couple. And don’t shy from financial discussions because you are afraid you won’t agree. Disagreements are inevitable, but using the following tips you should be able to discuss your differences and settle them fairly.

Divide the money management tasks. Who is in charge of paying the monthly bills? Is one of you in charge of your accounts, or do you make decisions as a couple? However you divvy up the financial duties, make sure you know what the other is doing.

Establish a budget. Without a budget you’ll end up spending beyond your means, which can make it nearly impossible to achieve your financial goals. Even if you and your spouse manage money separately, make a date once a month to review your respective cheque books and bank statements, so you will both have a clear idea of how much you are spending as a family.

Get clever about financial skills. If either of you lacks financial knowledge, make the effort to master the basics and boost your confidence about money issues.

Review all your personal finances together. Knowing how to manage money wisely gives you a sense of control and security that is imperative to building a solid future as a couple.

Rank your financial priorities. Where your individual goals coincide, make a list of the steps it will take to accomplish these goals. Where they collide, figure out which you can live without and how to combine the rest with your partner’s plans.

Single Women

Research shows increasing numbers of women are prepared to invest in the property market on their own. While sole loan applications in Australia usually tend to be 70 per cent from men and 30 per cent from women, since 2011, the figures revealed an even 50 per cent split across the nation.

Women are snapping up homes on their own because they are staying single for longer. More of them have a bigger disposable income, making getting into property entirely more feasible than it was a decade ago.

When 26-year-old event coordinator Kate, from Sydney found the perfect place last year, she didn’t hesitate for a second just because she didn’t have a man in her life to share the home and financial burden with. “I’d just turned 26, there was no one on the horizon at all, no prospects. I wasn’t going to wait: I could be waiting until I was 30 or 35” said Kate. Kate is one of a growing number of women who are getting on the property ladder without worrying about whether they’re in a relationship or not first.

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