About Sharon Mair 

Certified Licensed Conveyancer


Hi, I am Sharon Mair, and I own and operate Pure Conveyancing. I have been a Licensed Certified Practicing Conveyancer since 2001 and have 30 years Property Law experience in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

I started my first Conveyancing business in 2001 and created a loyal clientele of over 600 clients in a Victorian country town.

Conveyancing is my passion and life work

I gain a steadfast, reliable, friendly and approachable reputation with the local community because I believe in giving clients personal service with professionalism.


I believe my greatest attribute is attention to detail with my work, knowing all the hundreds of scenerios in Conveyancing and the knowledge of avoiding the unexpected.

I understand the importance of being available to give advice when my clients are in front of a Real Estate Agent about to buy a property on the weekend.

My memorable accolade was being a finalist in the 2004 Gippsland Business Awards, alongside one of the largest companies in Australia – Patties Food Company (Herbert Adams, Nannas, Four & Twenty Pies) in Victoria.

I became the only Conveyancer in East Gippsland Vic (largest Shire Council in Victoria) to be awarded a Conveyancing Licence and attain the Certified Practising Conveyancer status within the Victorian Australian Institute of Conveyancers.

In 2009 I sold my successful Victorian Conveyancing business in 2009 to a local Solicitor to establish practising Conveyancing in beautiful Northern NSW & Southern QLD as Pure Conveyancing.

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