About Sharon Mair 

My Personal Life


I was born in 1970 and live on the Gold Coast.  I like to stay healthy and active.

 I am an early riser to fit everything I need to do to fit into my day.

My day starts with 5.30am walk with my 2 dogs, then attend to my 3 horses.  

I have 2 daughters, 19 years old and 5 years old and a partner who is an Engineering teacher at TAFE, we have a busy life.

I love and appreciate the minimum time I get to spend outdoors with my animals as I am in front of the computer for many hours a day.

I am a member of some wonderful networking groups on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast and I support local Australian businesses where ever possible.


I love the ever changing seasons and the beauty of living on the Gold Coast.

About Sharon Mair 

Certified Licensed Conveyancer


Thank you for visiting me and learning about my business which I personally operate as Pure Conveyancing.

When you are looking for a Conveyancer, you want qualifications AND experience.  No two files are the same and you need someone who has been through those hundreds of scenerios.

I have strong qualifications, I have been a Licensed Certified Practicing Conveyancer since 2001 and have had over 30 years Property Law experience in Victoria, NSW and Queensland which is extensive experience.

I love assisting my clients and their personal circumstances.  There are SO many variants to Conveyancing.  This is because there are many different properties to buy - land, units, duplexes, houses, off the plan and there are so many lenders that have variance in their requirements not to mention the different styles of the Real Estate Agents and how they prepare the offers, the contracts and their communication.

If you haven't been through the process, then ask someone who has, they will tell you the many pitfalls that they almost encountered or did encounter if they didn't have a dedicated Conveyancer assisting them ALL of the way through.

If you are a First Home Owner, I will suit you to be your Conveyancer because I have tailored made my explanation and work to understand easily and I am contactable at all times.


My clients are the people who have driven how I operate, I evolve and review my work constantly so that at the end of the day, the client understands their obligations and the entire transaction.

That is why I have kept my business personal to deal with my clients at the level that they need, no matter how much of the work has become electronic, you will still need to be in constant contact with your Conveyancer during the whole of the process from Contract preparation, Contract signing and through to a successful settlement.

Call me today and have a chat and let me explain how I can assist you with your Conveyancing work.